My time! I own it :]


Crikey! Wildlife!

That one Tim Hortons

Unborn 8.0 Black Pointer
Dr.Witski [Martie]
Crash Honk Wheeze Awooga! Go crazy, go stupid, go APESHIT! Flip a coin about it, mate >:]

Yo! Salut! Ciao! Привет!

Bright minds and disturbed dwellers of distant realities, I welcome you in my lab!
Im Doc, the weaver of this code and owner of this particular fabric of space that you currently reside in! But these arent the only things I am.

Im an artist, writer, rider, explorer, but most of all, a CRAZY SCIENTIST and the one providing you with the link to my inter-fictional reality.

Babble and flavor-text aside, this is a semi-in character website that aims to imitate Doc's [my sona] Laboratory OS to the best of my personal ability. Here I will be documenting my activities, catalogue my characters, store my writing and through the lens of my sona, applying the scientific method to those proccesses [when I feel like it and exclusively when its funny.]

Enjoy your stay!~

Oh, also, here's my button.